World leaders call for new international pandemic treaty

Dinalipi Bureau- March 30, 2021

Brussels: Twenty-five world leaders have supported a proposal from European Council President Charles Michel to draw up a new international treaty on pandemic preparedness in ... Read More

The ship that blocked the Suez for 6 days freed

Dinalipi Bureau- March 29, 2021

New Delhi: The container ship that blocked the Suez Canal has been freed and is now on the move. Reports said the Even Given was ... Read More

Modi offers prayers at Kali temple in Bangladesh

Dinalipi Bureau- March 27, 2021

Dhaka: Visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday offered prayers at the Jeshoreshwari temple dedicated to Goddess Kali in Bangladesh's Satkhira district. The temple ... Read More

Modi made us glorified with his presence during pandemic: Hasina

Dinalipi Bureau- March 26, 2021

Dhaka: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Friday expressed her gratitude to her Indian counterpart Narendra Modi, saying the Government of India always stands by ... Read More

10 killed in US mass shooting in Colorado

Dinalipi Bureau- March 23, 2021

New York: Ten people have been killed in a mass shooting in Boulder in Colorado state putting the focus on gun violence, the intractable scourge ... Read More

Massive quake rocks Japan, tsunami warning issued

Dinalipi Bureau- March 20, 2021

Tokyo: An earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale struck north-eastern Japan on Saturday, prompting authorities to issue a tsunami warning for Miyagi prefecture. The ... Read More

More European nations halt AstraZeneca vax

Dinalipi Bureau- March 16, 2021

Brussels: An additional number of European countries -- France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Cyprus and Portugal -- have suspended the use of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 ... Read More