About The Dinalipi

The Dinalipi newspaper was first published in 1981. The daily Odia newspaper is owned by Suryo Media Pvt. Ltd. and established by Sj. Amarendra Dash. The Dinalipi is more than a business venture; it is an institution and an important pillar of democracy. In a democratic society, it is very important that there should be various avenues and sources for delivering information and analysis, and it is this role that the Dinalipi seeks to fulfill.
We have carved a niche for ourselves and we have avoided being perceived as belonging to any particular political party or a specific ideology. Nor do we seek to shamelessly run after circulation and defend practices of “Yellow Journalism” by shifting the blame on market demand. In the age of information it is critical for an institution such as a daily newspaper not to be debased by the demands of the market. We at the Dinalipi want to usher in an Odia Renaissance, awakening Odia society and restore our past glory and history. We have a mission along with our readers to usher a new era in the history of our people.
The Chief Editor of Dinalipi is Mr. Batakrishna Tripathy and the Editor is Mrs. Annapurna Dash. The newspaper is printed at Suryo Printing Press, Bhubaneswar. We have all relevant registration with the State and Central governments including the PIB (Press Information Bureau).


The Chief Editor, The Dinalipi
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