VSSUT bars students from wearing western attire during cultural fest

Sambalpur: Ahead of Techno Cultural Fest (SAMAVESH and VASSAUNT-2024) at Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology (VSSUT), Vice Chancellor (VC) Prof Dr Banshidar Majhi has issued a strict notice restricting students from wearing western outfits and short dresses during the festival.

According to the notification, the students have been advised to wear traditional Indian outfits during the fest and if they violate the rule, they would be stopped at the entry gate and not allowed inside the university premises. The notice has been uploaded on VSSUT website and sent to the Deans as well.

It states, “All the students of the university are instructed to wear Indian traditional/authentic dresses during the Techno-Cultural Fest-2024. Western/vulgar/short dresses are strictly forbidden inside the university campus during these days. Those not found in Indian traditional/authentic dresses will be sent back from the main gate immediately and action as deemed fit will be taken by the university.”

The Techno Cultural Fest will be held from March 22-25, as per the university.

Dr Majhi told media that when students wore Sambalpuri during President Draupadi Murmu’s visit, it was much appreciated. “As it is a cultural fest, if students wear Indian traditional wear, the function will become even more beautiful,” the VC told media.

As of now, there’s a mixed response among students on the VC’s notice. While some are unhappy, several others have welcomed the move.

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