‘Rain of Snakes’ creates panic among devotees at temple in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: It was an unusual sight at Ishaneshwar temple in Niladri Vihar area of Bhubaneswar on Monday morning which created panic among the devotees.

It was virtually a rain of snakes. Snakelets fell from a tree in the temple yard one after another. After one of the snakelets fell on a devotee, there was utter chaos as all those present at the shrine ran helter-skelter.

The temple managing committee chairman and secretary were informed immediately and the entire area was barricaded. The snake helpline was informed by the temple committee.

General Secretary of Snake Helpline Shubhendu Mallik and member Purnachandra Das reached the spot and found seven snakelets of green colour crawling inside a plastic tub. The baby snakes were kept safe inside the tub with the help of sticks by the temple staff. Over five more snakelets were also found in the vicinity.

Shubhendu and Purnachandra thoroughly searched the area, but the mother snake was nowhere in sight. They said ‘laudankia’ vine snakes are harmless and there is no reason to be afraid of. The snakelets were safely released in a nearby forest.

Subhendu said snakes like cobra, vipers and pythons lay eggs, and their eggs hatch after about two months. However, ‘laudankia’ vine snakes give birth directly to their young. The young ones have a specialised membrane over the bodies. Therefore, when the snakelets fell from the tree, no harm was caused to them.

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