After Odia officer Aishwarya, Telangana IRS officer gets nod to change name & gender

Bhubaneswar: After Odisha Financial Services Department (OFS) officer Aishwarya Rutuparna Pradhan, now a 35-year-old Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer—presently posted in Hyderabad— has been allowed to change his name and gender in the official records, stated media reports. It is perhaps the first such move in the history of India’s civil services.

For the first time, the Ministry of Finance has allowed such a change. The appeal was filed by M Anusuya, who changed his name to M Anukathir Surya, and gender to male.

In 2015, the Odisha government officer—Pradhan—had legally changed her gender identity to a person from the third gender following Supreme Court’s ruling. “The transformation left many awed. But everything has become normal. The very people who were addressing me as ‘sir’ are now addressing me as ‘madam’,” Pradhan had told media according to several reports.

Earlier, on April 15, 2014, the SC had ruled while hearing NALSA case that gender identity is a personal choice, whether or not the person undergoes sex reconstruction surgery.

Meanwhile, a CNBC TV18 report stated that Anukathir was granted permission in a July 9 order by the ministry. “Ms M Anusuya, IRS (C&IT: 2013) [Employee Code: 4623, DOB: 20.10.1988] presently posted as Joint Commissioner in 0/o Chief Commissioner (AR), CESTAT, Hyderabad has requested for change of her name from Ms M Anusuya to Mr M Anukathir Surya and gender from female to male,” the order stated, adding that the officer’s request was considered and approved.

“The request of Ms M Anusuya has been considered. Henceforth, the officer will be recognised as ‘Mr M Anukathir Surya’ in all official records,” it further read, mentioning that the decision was taken with the “approval of the competent authority”.

The order was sent to the Chief Commissioner (AR), Customs, Excise, Service Tax Appellate Tribunal, and all Principal Chief Commissioners/ Pr Directors General under the CBIC, according to reports.

Who is M Anukathir Surya?
In 2013, M Anukathir Surya had started his career as an Assistant Commissioner in Chennai. He was promoted to the Deputy Commissioner rank in 2018. He had been serving as the Joint Commissioner in Hyderabad, Telangana, since January, 2023. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication from Madras Institute of Technology. He had also completed a PG Diploma in Cyber Law and Cyber Forensics from National Law Institute University, Bhopal.

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