Three-tier supervision process to streamline rituals at Srimandir

Three-tier supervision process to streamline rituals at Srimandir

Puri: On the backdrop of severe disruption in rituals at Puri Srimandor last month, the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) has decided to implement a new three-tier supervision mechanism to oversee smooth, hassle free and timely conduct of rituals at the 12th century shrine.

SJTA Chief Administrator Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra today informed that the temple administration along with all stakeholders including the Chhatisa Nijog, the top servitor body offering service at the shrine has taken a unanimous decision to implement a new three-tier system to streamline the rituals.

Right from opening of temple gates to conduct of morning rituals -sakala dhupa, the supervision will be carried out by Tadhau Karan and Bhittarichha servitors. Thereafter the supervision will be ensured by Deula Karan and Pattajoshi Mohapatra till the completion of evening rites- sandhya dhupa. The time after that till the closure of temple gates – pahuda all the rituals be supervised by temple commander and Talauchha Mohapatra.

The temple administrator said that there is no intentional motive to cut the pay of the servitors but they should ensure that each and every rituals are conducted in a timely manner. To ensure that software has been installed inside the shrine to ensure that the rituals are conducted as per schedule. A delay in 15 minutes will attract a 25% deduction in salary of concerned servitors; 50% for 30 minutes and if there is a delay of 1 hour, whole day’s remuneration will be deducted.

Mohapatra further informed that apart from that, discussion has been held on the establishment of an interpretation centre at Jagannath Ballav Matha by 2020.

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