Sister duo Luma-Leesha ride the wave of lifestyle blogging on social media

Sister duo Luma-Leesha ride the wave of lifestyle blogging on social media

The past decade has been the decade of Instagram, and which saw the boom of businesses, brands and influencers, all thanks to this social media platform. The immense potential of Instagram saw the rise of “influencers” in the last decade, bloggers with large followers who look up to them for beauty, shopping, brands, business, travel, lifestyle, food and you name it. Riding the wave of lifestyle blogging on social media and with quite a success already, are Luma Rath and Leesha Rath, sisters and lawyers turned foremost lifestyle bloggers from the State. Sheersha Dash, Vice President of Suryo Media Pvt Ltd, sat down for a free wheeling chat with the fashionable sister-duo on all things fashion and Instagram blogging.

Q: Tell us about how you took the plunge into lifestyle blogging.

A: We found social media platform, especially Instagram, as the most effective way for knowledge exchange. This has a community for all and any line of interest you want to connect with. Since, we had learnt so much for ourselves from this space, we took a step ahead to reach out to the communities in our city/State and connect them with national and international brands.

Q: What have been some of the key challenges for you in this field which is seeing quite a lot of boom in the past few years?

A: Well, challenges are a part of every endeavour you take. Anything you want to create, or present beautifully takes a lot of pain, sweat, hard work and commitment. Every day presents some challenge or the other; it depends on how we take it and solve it. The solution lies within ourselves.

Q: Do you have any focus areas in lifestyle blogging, or any niche per se that is specific to LumsLeesh Diaries as a brand?

A: Yes, we try to be as real as possible. Meaning, what we present is what we like! No matter where the trend goes or what the fashion squad or wellness brigade propagates. We believe everything works in unison, body, mind and soul. You need to align them well, nurture them with good food, knowledge, care and discipline to live the beautiful life we have been blessed with; and that’s what we propagate.

Q: Coming to the interesting bits, what are some of the closet must-haves in your opinion?

A: We believe a few things should never be compromised on, like accessories for that matter – shades, belts, junk baubles, bags, shoes, scarves, etc.
Second trick is, break the outfits. For example, an ensemble that comes in three pieces of jacket, bottoms and top, can be mixed and matched with other outfits for years to create new looks.
Third, solid colour outfits! You can practically have a canvas to play around with anything you like.

Q: So many girls and women look up to you for health and fitness advice. What is one of the most common misconceptions about fitness that you have come across on your platform and that you want to bust?

A: One that we have seen a lot is, why do people gain weight after “leaving a workout”. It is obvious that when you stop working out, you will gain back lost weight.
So one thing we want to put forth is do we stop going to bed? Do we stop brushing our teeth everyday? Why can’t we do some form of physical workout at least 3 days a week?
Secondly, fad diets! Please eat wholesome home cooked food. You just need to make the right choice in nutrition that works for your body.

Q: How would you both describe your style?

A: Comfort first! However, we pay attention to pick something that enhances our personalities. Style is definitely an extension of someone’s soul. You put in thoughts, emotions, moods, and your likes and dislikes into it.

Q: What have been some of your fashion faux pas?

A: Yes so many!
High heels/stilettos on grass!
Heavy, cakey makeup in summers.
Heels in heavy outfits, and at dance parties, etc.

Q: Let’s have a rapid-fire with you girls :

a) Go-to fashion brand = Ritu Kumar
b) Trusted summer hack = Cotton airy clothes and least make up.
c) Must-carry in your purse = Mobile charger, sanitiser and Pee-buddy.
d) Brand or comfort or style = Comfort, anyday!
e) A ritual you can’t live without = Night time face regimen.

Q: How would you describe the future of blogging and social media influencing scene in Odisha, as it’s an up and coming market?

A: Seems really bright. Lot of boys and girls are actively stepping into it and it is wonderful. With new brands interested in the up and coming Odisha market, both digitally and in brick and mortar stores, lot of content creators are doing their part beautifully. Best wishes to all!

Q: What would you advise the girls who want to take up social media influencing but are apprehensive about it?

A: Please be real! Be humble and grounded; that’s how you can connect with your followers. They genuinely look up to you so please don’t take them for a ride just to sell a commodity. Give real opinions and verdicts!

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