Odisha records double digit Covid-19 cases after 4 months

Odisha records double digit Covid-19 cases after 4 months

Bhubaneswar: After a gap of four months, Odisha has reported Covid-19 cases in double digits for the second consecutive day as the state reported 11 new cases each on Thursday and Friday.

Sources said the total number of active Covid-19 cases in the state has now risen to 40. The state had been recording daily Covid-19 cases in single digits during the last four months. However, health officials are of the view that there is nothing to worry about as the new Covid-19 cases were detected after testing of 4,495 new samples.

The state government has been creating awareness among people with cold and cough and symptoms of flu to undergo Covid-19 test following rise in H3N2 influenza cases in some parts of the country including Odisha. The state has so far 61 H3N2 cases.

Following the advice of the state government, many people with cough and cold are now going for Covid-19 testing. As a result, the new cases are being detected, they said.
While the state reported 11 cases each both on Thursday and Friday, six patients recovered on Thursday and three others recovered on Friday.

As a precautionary measure against H3N2, the state government has advised people to follow respiratory hygiene and stay in isolation in case of symptoms of cold and cough.

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