Odisha celebrates 1st World Dahibara Aloodum Dibasa

Odisha celebrates 1st World Dahibara Aloodum Dibasa

Bhubaneswar, March 1;  March one would henceforth be celebrated as World Dahibara and Aloodum day. A bunch of young foodies from Odisha have floated this idea to make this very popular snack which had its origin from Cuttack city accepted world over. The snack is no more confined to Cuttack and has moved to different parts of the state. It has caught the attention of the tourists too.

Bara is made out of ground urhad dal and then soaked in watery curd after being fried. It is served with aloo(potato) in thick gravy. Made famous by Raghu, who is the living legend in so far as dahibara and aloodum is concerned, many others who took up the venture have of late diluted the snack by adding other things to make their preparations look attractive. The dish originated from the Bidanasi area in Cuttack city.



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