Naveen launches ‘Mo Jeeban’  programme, urges people to stay at home

Naveen launches ‘Mo Jeeban’ programme, urges people to stay at home

Bhubaneswar: Hours after the State government announced total lockdown of Odisha due to the coronavirus outbreak, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Tuesday launched ‘Mo Jeeban’ programme and urged people to take a pledge to
stay indoors.
“I am launching the ‘Mo Jeeban’ (My Life) programme and appealing to all to remain indoors. If you go outside, you may bring the virus at home which will affect your family. Therefore, please stay at home,” Naveen said in a video message.
Striking an emotional chord with the people who have voted him to power five times in a row since the year 2000, Naveen said, “During the last 20 years, I have made several appeals and you have responded. Today, I am seeking your cooperation and support to keep everyone safe.”
“Take an oath in name of your children and parents that you will not be the reason of danger for your family and community,” Naveen said.
“If at all one needs to go out, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before entering your house,” he said.
The Chief Minister also asked people to send him videos of them taking oaths.
He also asked the people to paste a sticker on the front gate of their houses to show their resolve.
Naveen also cautioned the people that the virus, which has created havoc in China, Iran, the US and other countries, has now reached Delhi and also at their doorstep.
“Therefore, take a pledge that you will not step out of your houses,” he said, adding that the whole state has been put under total lockdown to protect the lives of people.
“Your life is now in your hands. The safety of your friends mostly depends on your behaviour. Therefore, ensure that the virus does not enter your houses,” the Chief Minister said.
Immediately after the Chief Minister’s video message, BJD Rajya Sabha member Sasmit Patra announced that he is joining the Mo Jeeban programme.
Patra also tagged a video of his pledge on social media.

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