I wanted to become a journalist, says Varsha Priyadarshini

I wanted to become a journalist, says Varsha Priyadarshini

Be it talent or leadership qualities, women have proved their mettle in every sphere of life through sheer dint of hard work. If we look at history, there are examples galore of women making a mark for themselves through their own efforts. Women have excelled in every sphere of life and they are in no way inferior to men in terms of their performance in any field. Be it leadership qualities or any other sphere, women have shown the way and Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi and Indira Gandhi are shining examples of leadership qualities. Women have not only made a mark in cinema and entertainment industry, they have also excelled in fields ranging from administration to the United Nations. The magnificence of women’s qualities will always remain an inspiration for all. This was stated by Ollywood actress Varsha Priyadarshini in a conversation with “Dinalipi” correspondent Mamali Bebarta.

Was acting your aim in life?
Acting was never my aim in life. My aim in life was to become a journalist. It seems God had some other plans for me. Therefore, I went on to become an actor.

Did you attend any acting course?
No. I haven’t done any acting course.

What was your first film and what was your experience in your first film?
My first film was “Ae Jugara Krushna Sudama.” Hara Patnaik was the director and Basant Nayak was the producer. The experience of acting in my first film was extraordinary.

Who was the inspiration behind your taking up voluntary service and what is your aim?
My parents are my inspiration for giving shape to the voluntary organisation “Sammanita.” Since my childhood, I have seen my parents and two sisters helping people and rendering social service. I have been noticing their charity and their attitude towards the needy. I then decided to dedicate myself to the service of the people. With the blessings of Mahaprabhu, my dream was fulfilled after “Sammanita” was formed. I have deep regards, love and respect for my motherland and mother tongue. I have to fulfil my duty towards my motherland. My aim and the aim of “Sammanita” are to serve my people, State and country and make them proud.

Varsha Priyadarshini is widely acknowledged as Ollywood Queen. How do you feel?
My fans have given me the honour of becoming Ollywood queen. Whether I deserve to be called Ollywood Queen, I can’t say. But my fans’ whole-hearted reverence and affection are valuable gifts and blessings for me.

What is the reason behind starting the library movement?
I have taken steps to revive the library movement. Apart from giving importance to education, our endeavour is to see that nobody is deprived of getting books and reading books.

You have acted in many films. How was your journey in the cine world?
I have reached this stage because of the blessings of Lord Jagannath and love and affection of my esteemed fans and film industry. I will continue to work hard to win the hearts and minds of my innumerable fans and well-wishers.

What is your message for the upcoming actors?
I am still a learner. So what message can I give? Learning is a never-ending process in life. We have to learn things till our last breath. And yes, the upcoming actors are very talented. I convey my best wishes to the budding actors.

In the 1990’s and before that, Odia films used to be male-dominated. But in two of your films, “Nimki” and “Queen,” women have played crucial roles. Your opinion?

I believe that there should be more women-centred films. Be it talent or leadership qualities, in every sphere of life women have proved their mettle through sheer hard work. I have tried to convey positive messages to society in my two films “Nimki” and “Queen.” The messages relating to women empowerment and also inspiring women to greater heights were conveyed in these two films.

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