Govt blocks YouTube videos, tweets sharing BBC documentary on PM Modi

Govt blocks YouTube videos, tweets sharing BBC documentary on PM Modi

New Delhi: A number of YouTube videos sharing the first episode of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) documentary ‘India: The Modi Question’ have been blocked as per directions of Union Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, ANI reported on Saturday quoting sources.

Twitter was also reportedly instructed to block over 50 tweets containing links to the concerned YouTube videos.

YouTube and Twitter have both complied with government directions issued by Secretary, Information & Broadcasting, using emergency powers under IT Rules, 2021.

BBC aired a two-part series questioning then-Gujarat CM Narendra Modi’s role during the Godhra riots of 2002. The documentary has not been telecast by BBC India, but some YouTube channels uploaded it. The documentary sparked controversy in India and the UK. The Indian government described it as a “propaganda piece” designed to push a discredited narrative.

Sources told ANI that YouTube has been instructed to block the video if it is uploaded on its platform again and Twitter directed to identify and block tweets containing the link to the video on other platforms.

The decision was made after senior government officials went through the documentary and found it to be an attempt to cast aspersions on the authority and credibility of Supreme Court of India and divide various Indian communities.

The documentary was considered to be undermining sovereignty and integrity of India, with the potential to adversely impact India’s friendly relations with foreign states.

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