3 scientists win Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing lithium-ion batteries

Content User- October 9, 2019

Stockholm: Three scientists have been awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the development of lithium-ion batteries, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced ... Read More

3 scientists share 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics for cosmology

Content User- October 8, 2019

Stockholm: The 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics was shared by three scientists, the Royal Academy of Sciences in Stockholm announced on Tuesday. The 2019 Nobel ... Read More

ISRO’s latest rocket science baffles former officials

Content User- September 23, 2019

Chennai: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman K Sivan's statement on Saturday that Rs 978 crore Chandrayaan-2 mission was 98 per cent success has invited ... Read More

WannaCry still lurking around, India also affected: Sophos

Content User- September 19, 2019

New Delhi: The WannaCry ransomware that created mayhem in 2017 has not died out and security software firm Sophos stopped a whopping 4.3 million infection ... Read More

NASA joins ISRO to track Vikram ‘calling home’

Content User- September 12, 2019

Chennai: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is continuing its attempt to reach out to India's moon lander sending communication signals with its Deep Space ... Read More

Vikram found: ISRO takes photo of moon lander on lunar surface

Content User- September 8, 2019

Chennai: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has found its moon lander Vikram on the lunar surface, said an official. This was hours after communication link ... Read More

Communication link lost with moon lander Vikram: ISRO

Content User- September 6, 2019

Bengaluru: In a last stage snag, the communication link between India's moon lander Vikram and the moon orbiter got snapped as the former was descending ... Read More