45-year-old Odia film ‘Chilika Teerey’ screened at Puri, cine lovers hail it as timeless

45-year-old Odia film ‘Chilika Teerey’ screened at Puri, cine lovers hail it as timeless

Puri: Cine lovers, critics, actors, singers and leaders turned nostalgic when Odia film ‘Chilika Teerey’ was screened in the seaside pilgrim town of Puri 45 years after it was made, and hailed it as a timeless creation.

A large number of film enthusiasts thronged the Puri town hall to watch the 45-year-old movie on the life of fisher-folks which was screened as part of an exercise to establish a link between the old and new generations.

Stating that the film has left an enduring impact on the minds of people, senior BJD leader Sanjay Das Burma said the movie was screened in an effort to keep Odia art and culture alive at a time when the society is passing through a crisis.

Odia literature and culture are passing through a critical phase and it is time to remember the past so that our rich culture is preserved, said the former Minister, who hails from Brahmagiri area along Chilika lake which has a sizable population of fisher-folks.

“I hope the screening of the film will play a significant role in establishing a link between the present generation and the old ,” said Das Burma, who was instrumental in screening of the film.

With a voice choked with emotion, noted actress Tandra Roy, who played the lead role in the film with Bijay Mohanty, said memories about the movie are still fresh in her mind.

“Chilika Teerey is an ageless film. I am glad to get an opportunity to watch it again, now in colour version. I have seen it several times and every time I enjoyed,” said a cine lover at the hall.

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